Buried in Barstow Part 2: The Thrilling Sequel Unravels


“Buried in Barstow” has captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline and stellar performances by Angie Harmon and Kristoffer Polaha. After the success of the first installment, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of “Buried in Barstow Part 2.” In this article, we will explore all the updates and information regarding the highly anticipated sequel.

Recap of “Buried in Barstow Part 1”

In the first part of “Buried in Barstow,” we are introduced to Hazel, played by Angie Harmon, who leads a quiet life in Barstow, California. She owns a BBQ restaurant and is raising her daughter, Joy, portrayed by Lauren Richards. Hazel’s past as a teenage heroin drug turned hitwoman in Las Vegas comes back to haunt her after almost 20 years. She is called back to Vegas by her former boss, played by Bruce McGill, for one last job.

While in Barstow, Hazel goes to great lengths to shield Joy from her abusive boyfriend, Travis. She also becomes enmeshed with a mysterious stranger named Elliot, played by Kristoffer Polaha. The film concludes with a nail-biting cliffhanger when Hazel uncovers that Elliot was employed by her former boss and gets shot outside her diner. Surprisingly, Travis, previously thought to be deceased, reappears, leaving Joy torn between her past and present.

The Possibility of a Sequel

Fans of “Buried in Barstow” can breathe a sigh of relief as Lifetime has confirmed that the movie is the first in a series. Angie Harmon herself has revealed that work on the next installment has already begun. It seems that 2023 might be the year when we finally get to see “Buried in Barstow Part 2.” Harmon expressed her desire for her character to appear in at least six movies, indicating a long-term commitment to the franchise.

In an interview with Smashing Interviews Magazine, Harmon stated, “I’d like there to be between six and eight of them, and I hope we can get there. Maybe if people keep liking them, we’ll keep making them.” This statement suggests that the future of the franchise depends on the audience’s response to the upcoming movies. The shooting for “Buried in Barstow Part 2” is scheduled to begin in early June, raising anticipation among fans.

Where to Watch “Buried in Barstow Part 2”

While we’re still waiting for the release of ‘Buried in Barstow Part 2,’ you can currently watch the first installment on various OTT platforms like Amazon Prime. When it comes to the availability of the sequel, expect it to follow a similar distribution pattern, as it will be accessible on popular online platforms upon its release. Stay tuned for announcements from Lifetime and other streaming services as the release date approaches.

Expectations for “Buried in Barstow Part 2”

With the thrilling cliffhanger at the end of the first movie, fans are eagerly waiting to see how the story unfolds in “Buried in Barstow Part 2.” Here are some expectations and possible plotlines for the upcoming installment:

1. Hazel’s Road to Recovery

In “Buried in Barstow Part 1,” we witnessed Hazel’s struggle to leave her violent past behind and protect her daughter. Part 2 could delve deeper into Hazel’s journey of redemption and recovery. We might see her grappling with the physical and emotional aftermath of the shooting while striving to create a safer environment for Joy.

2. Unraveling the Mystery of Elliot

The revelation that Elliot was working for Hazel’s old boss raised many questions. Part 2 could explore Elliot’s motives and delve into his backstory. Is he a friend or foe? What led him to Barstow? Unraveling the mystery surrounding Elliot’s character will undoubtedly add more intrigue to the storyline.

3. Joy’s Dilemma

With Travis’s return, Joy finds herself torn between her past with him and her present life in Barstow. Part 2 could focus on Joy’s internal struggle as she navigates her complicated emotions and makes choices that will shape her future. Will she fully embrace her new life or succumb to the allure of her former relationship?

4. Hazel’s Confrontation with her Old Boss

The unfinished business between Hazel and her old boss is begging for a resolution. Part 2 might showcase a face-off between the two, where Hazel confronts her past and seeks justice for the life she left behind. This confrontation could have far-reaching consequences for both characters and pave the way for future installments.

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As fans eagerly await the release of “Buried in Barstow Part 2,” the anticipation continues to build. With the confirmation of the movie being the first in a series and the commencement of shooting in June, it seems that the franchise has a promising future ahead. Until then, viewers can rewatch the first installment and speculate about the exciting developments and surprises that await them in the highly anticipated sequel.

Stay tuned for updates on the release date of “Buried in Barstow Part 2” and get ready to embark on another thrilling journey with Hazel, Joy, and the rest of the cast.

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