Gamification Platform Smartico: Boost Engagement and Productivity

What is gamification platform smartico?

Gamification Platform Smartico employs challenges and gaming strategies to encourage gamers to play consistently, increasing engagement and retention. It provides a three-step approach that includes real-time gaming experiences segregated to meet client profiles. To encourage users to execute their desired behaviour, the platform employs nine elements, including missions, badges, points, levels, incentives, marketplaces, tournaments, mini-games, and leaderboards. is a gamification platform that enables sophisticated loyalty programs and gamifies monotonous operations to assist businesses increase consumer engagement and revenue. It assigns real-time tasks to players, recognises achievements with badges or bonuses, and provides incentives such as rewards, bonuses, and gifts to encourage users to strive for more.

Benefits of using Gamification Platform Smartico

Smartico’s gamification platform has various advantages that can help organisations enhance consumer engagement and income. The following are some of the benefits of adopting Smartico’s gamification software:

  • Boosts engagement: Smartico’s gamification software employs nine mechanics to incentivise users to participate in gameplay, including missions, badges, points, and levels, resulting in increased user engagement and higher LTVs.
  • Improves customer retention: According to a Harvard Business School study, a 5% increase in client retention can increase revenue by 25% or more. Smartico’s software generates real-time tasks and awards success with badges or prizes, encouraging users to strive for more.
  • Solves complex problems: Smartico’s unique CRM enables businesses to reward customers for offering feedback on their product or service, while also collecting useful data to monitor customer engagement, optimise activities, and grow the platform.
  • Offers more complete instructions: Gamification educates and inspires users to perform training tasks efficiently. Offering discounts or incentive programmes can result in more educated users and loyal, focused audiences, leading in more informed and effective programmes.

Who should use Smartico?

Smartico’s gamification platform is designed to increase customer engagement and income by rewarding users to execute desired behaviours such as purchasing, engaging with information, or completing tasks.

Features of Smartico

Smartico is a gamification platform that provides numerous features to assist businesses in increasing consumer engagement and income. Here are some of Smartico’s gamification software features:

  1. Rewards Management: Smartico’s software includes a rewards management system that allows businesses to motivate users to do things like make purchases, interact with content, or complete activities.
  2. Performance Metrics: Smartico’s software provides organisations with performance indicators to track user engagement and evaluate the efficiency of their gamification approach.
  3. Leaderboards: Smartico’s software provides businesses with leaderboards to track user progress and encourage competitiveness among players.
  4. Badge Management: Smartico’s software includes badge management features that allow businesses to generate personalised badges and award users for their accomplishments.
  5. Goal Tracking: Businesses can use Smartico’s software to define user goals and track their progress towards those goals.
  6. Incentives: Smartico’s software offers players incentives such as awards, bonuses, and gifts to encourage them to achieve more.
  7. Mission: Smartico’s software produces activities for players to perform in real time and visibly rewards accomplishments with badges or prizes.
  8. Marketplace: Smartico’s software allows businesses to offer virtual items or services to users through a marketplace.
  9. Tournaments: Smartico’s software enables businesses to host tournaments, allowing players to compete and prize winners to be awarded.

Use case for Smartico

Smartico designed its gamification platform for platform providers and operators aiming to boost customer engagement and income. The platform motivates user activities like purchasing, content engagement, or job fulfillment. The platform incentivizes gameplay, increasing engagement and offering higher LTVs.

Smartico’s gamification software has various use cases that can assist organisations in increasing consumer engagement and revenue. Here are some examples of Smartico’s gamification software in action:

  • Performance Management: Smartico’s software can improve employee performance by creating a gamified atmosphere that encourages people to accomplish tasks and reach goals.
  • Customer Retention: Smartico’s software can improve customer retention by incentivizing users to make purchases, interact with information, or perform tasks.
  • Employee Engagement: Smartico’s software increases employee engagement by fostering a dynamic and interactive work environment that encourages employees to complete tasks and achieve goals.
  • E-Learning: Smartico’s software can be used to build an engaging e-learning environment that encourages students to finish courses and meet learning objectives.
  • Marketing: Smartico’s software may be used to create a gamified marketing plan that encourages users to interact with your brand and purchase.

Success stories with Smartico

Smartico, a gamification tool, has helped over 300 businesses with their digital acquisition tactics.

Rankstar collaborated with Smartico to improve their web presence and client interaction through increased organic traffic and lead generation. They discovered areas for optimisation and focused on high-converting keywords after analysing Smartico’s website. They developed engaging material that highlighted Smartico’s unique services and platform benefits. Smartico’s position as a leading provider of gamification, loyalty, and marketing solutions was strengthened as a result of this strategy.


Smartico is a gamification platform smartico that employs challenges and gaming strategies to encourage gamers to play consistently, increasing engagement and retention. It uses nine elements to incentivise players to execute desired actions, including missions, badges, points, levels, incentives, marketplace, tournaments, mini-games, and leaderboards. This gamification funnel rewards games, increases engagement, and delivers higher LTVs, which helps businesses drive customer engagement and revenue growth.

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