Zee Business: A History of India’s Leading Business News Channel

What is the history of Zee Business?

Zee Business, part of Indian media conglomerate ZEEL, is a premium movie channel that has been broadcasting since 1995. Global markets now cover South-East America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, Asia Pacific, & Africa, many others. Zee Business provides live TV news, business live streaming, and news updates, and has acquired a majority stake in ETC Networks and Taj Television. The company was rebranded as Zee Entertainment Enterprises in 2006.

What are some popular shows on Zee Business?

Zee Business is a Hindi business news channel offering live TV news, live streaming, and updates. Popular shows include Mandai Live, Big Story Big Debate, Master Stock Selection with Anil Singhvi’s Mentor Mantra for Market Triumph, Unlocking SID’s SIP Secrets, and Stocks To Buy.

  • Mandi Live: A commodity program that provides news and calls of gold, silver, energy, base metals, agri commodities like soybean, chana, guar, mustard, spices etc
  • Big Story Big Debate: A vibrant debate show Master Stock Selection with Anil Singhvi’s Mentor Mantra for Market Triumph: A show where Anil Singhvi shares his stock selection strategies
  • Unlocking SID’s SIP Secrets: A show where Siddharth Sedani shares his investment strategies
  • Stocks To Buy: A show where brokers provide their stock recommendations

What’s happening in the news?

The latest news from CNN, BBC News, Sky News, and Google News can be accessed through their respective websites.

2.BBC News
3.Sky News
4.Google News

How do I find local news sources?

Local news sources can be found online through websites like CBS Local, InYourArea, WTOP News, and Patch, which aggregate news from various sources, including local news for Maryland & Montgomery County.

  • CBS Local aggregates all the latest news for your local area from news sites, blogs, & social networks.
  • In Your Area provides the most recent information for the area from news sources, blogs, & social media platforms.
  • WTOP News provides local news for Maryland and Montgomery County.
  • Patch provides local news for various locations in the United States.

How do I find international news sources?

Online you may access international news information including BBC News, The New York Times, ABC News, ETC. The Guardian, all of which provide latest news from different locations as well as stories and discussion.

  • From Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, South Asia, as well as the United States & Canada, BBC News offers global news, features, and analysis.
  • International news is available from nearly the world through The New York Times.
  • ABC News provides international news, videos and photos .
  • The Guardian provides international news, comment and analysis .


Zee Business is a Hindi business news channel that offers live TV news, live streaming, & business news updates. It’s an element of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL), an Indian media business with businesses in television, print, the internet, movies, and mobile entertainment. ZEEL was launched in 1991 as Zee Telefilms and later expanded to international markets. Zee Business has hosted popular shows like Mandi Live, Big Story Big Debate, Master Stock Selection, and Unlocking SID’s SIP Secrets. In 2006, the business changed its name to Zee Entertainment Enterprises and acquired a controlling interest in Taj Television & ETC Networks.

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